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What is membership all about?

We have something special for everyone- make the most of your co-operative membership

Membership sits at the heart of the Cooperative; it makes us different from other businesses. As a member, you will enjoy exclusive offers such as insurance and travel, legal services. And you can also have a say in how our business is run. So, if you share in our values and principles-why not come and join us?


To Be a Member:

Annual Membership: RP 100,000.00

Monthly Fee: Rp 50,000.00


Who regulate you?

Registered  in Indonesia. The KSA is authorized by the Department of Cooperative RI.


Lending Code

The lending code is a voluntary code that sets standards for good lending practice that all of its members have to meet. That way you can be sure we’re doing things in your best interest.

We recommend that you read through lending code

-a guide to the lending code for consumer and corporate


How do I give you feedback or make a complaint?

Your opinion is very important to us. Listening to your views helps us grow as a company and stay on track with you.


Which law is applicable to my contract with you?

In legal disputes, The Law of Republic Indonesia will apply.  As required by law, please note any terms and conditions of your account will be in Indonesian.


Bribery and corruption

The KSA has zero tolerance of bribery and corruption. The KSA is committed to acting with integrity and fairness in all its business dealings and commercial relationship.


Our Disclaimer
The KSA has taken the greatest of care to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this website,but can not accept responsibility (to the extent permitted by law) for any inaccuracies, omissions, or errors whether in respect of the information provided on the KSA’s website or on any to which the KSA’s website may be linked.Our Disclaimer

The KSA reserves the right to decline any application and/or savings