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This guide gives you an introduction to the standards you should expect from KSA.
Key commitments to you, KSA will act fairly and reasonably in all its dealing with you.

We will make sure:
• Advertising and promotional material is fair, clear and not misleading
• Clear information about its products and services- how it works, terms and conditions and its interest rates and charges that apply to you
• Give regular statements
• Inform you about changes to interest rates, charges or term and conditions
• Lend money responsibly
• Deal quickly and sympathetically with things that go wrong
• Act sympathetically and positively when considering your financial difficulties
• Your personal information is treated as private and confidential
• Our staffs are trained to put the Lending Code into practice.


Communicating with you
KSA will provide you with useful information at the right time so you can make informed decisions. KSA will use plain language and avoid using technical or legal language wherever possible.
Before you open an account, the KSA will give you important information about:
• How the account works and its main features, including how and when you must repay your credit provided
• Any conditions you must meet before the KSA provide the credit
• The interest and charges you must pay for the credit-how the KSA will work these out and how you can pay them and
• How KSA will tell you about changes to interest rate, charges and terms and conditions


Assessing if you can afford to borrow
You should always consider whether you can afford to repay any money you borrow.
Before lending you any money, we will assess whether the KSA feel you can afford to repay it by considering:
• The type and amount credits you want
• Your income and financial commitments
• Information held by credit reference
• How you have handled your finances in the past ( if this is known)

Deciding not to lend you or to lend less
If rejected, you can ask to explain the main reason for the decision.